Communication through illustration

Illustrations help you tell stories

March 11, 2021 | Daniel Sturman

At Brew Digital we create a large amount of bespoke illustration work for our customers. We believe this is a great way to communicate to your audience – even more so these days when you see how much of the internet is full of the same old stock photography and illustration.

Make yourself stand-out by having something that is unique to you!

So here are some examples of illustration that we have done for Adaptavist – unique to them and very much in their design style for use on socials, presentations, within product communications and in email.

Developing computer games

To complement a blog on computer games, we put together a three-part image series to help communicate the blog’s story.

Illustration representing developing a game blueprint
Illustration representing putting a computer game together
Illustration representing completing the game

Enabling diversity by breaking down walls

For a piece of work on enabling diversity, we put together a pair of illustrations to help tell the story of breaking down walls.

Image illustrating breaking down a wall
Image illustrating successfully breaking down a wall and enabling diversity

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