How illustration can play an important part in web development

Adaptavist 404 page graphic

September 8, 2020 | Brendan Purchase

This article was originally published on LinkedIn.

Every website, no matter what it sells or promotes, needs visual stimuli. It’s therefore all the more important for tech companies, who may lack ‘grammable products, to create their own illustrations to make their sites eye-catching.

Whilst working on a new web development project, the design team at Brew Digital decided to jazz up the 404 page with some interesting creative.

The various stages that a particular 404 page illustration went through

What comes to mind when you land on a 404 page? You’re in limbo, stranded, alone, not knowing what monsters might spring out of the darkness and attack. The team decided to create a theme around a lost island. Somewhere you may want to escape from fast!

Here is a little video of the illustration building up – enjoy!

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