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Evolving a colour palette – Colour Palette 2.0

Choosing the perfect colour palette

March 11, 2021 | Daniel Sturman

Daniel explains how we developed the old limited colour palette of the Adaptavist brand through the use of colour theory to create a whole colour palette much more suited to the growing needs of the business.

Communication through illustration

Illustrations help you tell stories

March 11, 2021 | Daniel Sturman

Learn how Brew Digital use illustration to help companies communicate with their users and tell their story.

Common Web Accessibility Errors

Common Web Accessibility Errors

September 23, 2020 | Martin Sherwood

Martin explains some of the most common accessibility traps that many website owners fall into.

How illustration can play an important part in web development

Adaptavist 404 page graphic

September 8, 2020 | Brendan Purchase

Every website needs visual stimuli. See how Brew Digital can make a 404 error page more interesting.

How I’ve adjusted to working from home in Lockdown

Ian Arrowsmith is loving it at home

August 27, 2020 | Ian Arrowsmith

After several months I’ve now adjusted to working from home. This is a bit of retrospective on what I’ve actually done to adjust or, put another way, some tips about working from home.

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