When you can’t get a cloning machine, use a Decision Sprint… and win back weeks of time

July 28, 2021 | Sophie Caswell

Before you sink time, sprint out your options

It really feels like time is the most precious commodity for a growing business. As someone who runs a fast growing team within a business in hypergrowth, I am constantly aware that there are opportunities that we’re missing out on. Be they new clients or innovative ideas, there are so many opportunities out there, but when I have to balance chasing opportunities and running the day to day business, we all tend to default to existing work over innovation.

When you are time-pressed, innovation seems like a luxury.  

For Melanie Loades, CEO of Froghop, a fast growing new product development food company, the challenge was familiar. From working solo in her kitchen to now in a dedicated premises teeming with staff, it has been a busy few years for Melanie, who now boasts an impressive client list. The only thing stopping her from realising even greater success was the lack of a cloning machine so she could be in five places at once! 

So she reached out to Brew, and while we can’t offer a cloning machine (yet!), we were able to facilitate a Decision Sprint.

Melanie’s main challenge was simple.

‘I have lots of clients approaching me to develop premium treats for dogs, and I have already carried out some of these projects. I know it’s a growing market and there’s more demand out there but I worry expanding into this area may jeopardise my existing business’.

This is great territory for Decision Sprints as it helps identify concerns quickly with clarity and confidence in the decisions which get made.  We have a specific exercise called ‘Go ugly early’ which brings all of the worries and concerns out in the open right at the beginning of the Sprint session. It helps identify what are major and minor concerns, and evaluate the nature of the risks involved.

For Melanie, her main concern was about expanding into a second line of business without jeopardising the success of the first.  Having identified this as the primary barrier to success, we then focused the team on coming up with solutions to this issue. These were then quickly and effectively evaluated on their suitability and effectiveness to the individual circumstances of the company and its needs – arriving at solutions which were most realistic and workable – and therefore most likely to result in success.

Armed with this focus Melanie was happy for the team to proceed with a list of actions to start the ball rolling on getting the new line of business up and running.

In one two-hour session Melanie and her team were able to make an informed decision on whether this new opportunity was worth greater investigation and investment.

Before sinking hundreds of hours in development and days distracting from the main business, one Decision Sprint helped bring clarity and structure to the feasibility of the venture. 

As it happens, this sprint helped Melanie realise that this opportunity was worth the further investment in time, and within a matter of days ‘Doghop’ was born!

Take a look at the Doghop website (and the beautiful Doghop logo designed by us) here.

If lack of time is inhibiting your business growth, have a Decision Sprint today